Watch Out for These Nutrition Trends in 2019

1. Cannabis

KIND Healthy Snacks surveyed nearly 5,000 nutrition and food industry experts to predict the top trends of 2019. And it found cannabis is ready to have a greater impact on the health and nutrition world. “We’ve already seen CBD’s presence within coffee, cocktails and even olive oil in 2018,” according to KIND’s forecast. “Next year, we anticipate CBD to permeate into other formats such as yogurts, soups and even salad dressings.” Likewise, Food Network’s report from the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo suggests more nutritionists might consider the benefits of cannabis as they work with patient care teams.
2. Lutein

The plant-based compound lutein — found in spinach, kale, collards, pumpkin, peas, broccoli and more — stands to gain more awareness in 2019. “[Lutein] plays a major role in the health of your eyes and more recent research is also looking at lutein’s relationship to cognitive function and brain health,” according to Food Network. Plus, according to the Natural Grocers forecast of 2019 nutrition trends, lutein also can protect our eyes against damaging blue light. “Lutein preferentially accumulates in the macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision, where it filters damaging blue light and increases macular pigment density,” the Natural Grocers forecast says.
3. Plant-based snacks
Snacking looks to be taking a healthier turn in 2019. Food Network anticipates “better-for-you versions of snack foods made from beans, coconut, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.” The goal is to create tasty snacks that aren’t just empty calories — feeding people’s growing desire to make more health-conscious choices.
4. Potatoes

Healthier snacks might be coming to offer alternatives to potato chips, but potatoes still can have their moment in 2019, as well. According to Food Network, people will look to “the easily digestible and nutrient rich carbs in potatoes” to help fuel their workouts. “Use potatoes in breakfast burritos, rice bowls and even muffins to help fire up muscles for exercise and aid in recovery post activity,” Food Network says. Just remember a greasy, fried potato isn’t what the nutrition experts are talking about.
5. Mushrooms

The Natural Grocers forecast sees people embracing mushrooms in 2019, as research continues to pile up about their health benefits. “Mushrooms hold the power to support the immune system, blood sugar balance, brain health, liver health, respiratory health, hormone balance and can even boost energy levels,” according to Natural Grocers. Consequently, the food and nutrition industries are introducing more mushroom-centric foods and products. “We’ll continue to see the category grow, with more mushroom teas, tonics, broths and coffees making an appearance in 2019,” Natural Grocers says.

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